SdkboxPlay Documentation.

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Importing SDKBOX Play

First import the SdkboxPlay unity package into your project. This will create two directories in Assets, one for sdkboxplay and one for sdkbox. If you have other SDKBOX plugins installed, they will appear here too. A plugins directory will also be present if you have other SDKBOX plugins. This directory contains files for iOS and Android.

To begin using sdkboxplay, find the sdkboxplay prefab in the Assets/SDKBOX/sdkboxplay directory.

Create an instance of the sdkboxplay prefab in the scene where you want to use the sdkboxplay package. You should only have a single instance of this prefab at any time.

Select the sdkboxplay game object in the hierarchy and in your inspector pane you can configure the object.

Configuring the sdkboxplay Plugin

Description of Fields


Leaderboards are defined on the respective platform's developer console. To keep things simple, the current SdkboxPlay implementation does not allow to define group leaderboards from iOS. For both platforms, an arbitrary number of leaderboards can be defined. Though both, GooglePlay and GameCenter define leaderboards in the same way, in the runtime there are some differences:

This will be resembled on the observer methods for leaderboard operations as described below.


Achievements are defined on the respective platform's developer console. There are differences in concept between GooglePlay and GameCenter's achievements:

To keep things consistent, SdkboxPlay API:


Specifies debug mode


Specifies if connect when app start

Handling SdkboxPlay Events

In the Callbacks section of the SdkboxPlay script inspector pane, you can click + to add a subscriber, and specify the object, and method that you would like to have invoked.

SdkboxPlay API

void submitScore(string name, int score)

void showLeaderboard(string name)

void unlockAchievement(string name)

void incrementAchievement(string name, int increment)

void showAchievements()

void signin()

void signout()

Additional iOS Instructions

On some older versions of Unity, the static libraries in sdkboxplay/Assets/Plugins/iOS do not get included in the Xcode project. In this case they need to be moved to Assets/Plugins/iOS or added to the Xcode project manually.