LiveOps - Remote Configuration

How Remote Configuration works?

When it's necessary to change the configuration of a SDKBOX plugin, you will need to revise the JSON codes in the sdkbox_config.json, rebuild the application, and re-submit it to app stores. To solve this issue, Remote Configuration allows for on-the-fly update of its plugin's configuration. For example, it will allow the change of the Google Analytics tracking code, switch to a new AdColony campaign or add new in-app purchase products without rebuilding and redeploying your apps to the app stores.



  • The application will automatically pull the new configuration and put it into effect. This means that you can update configuration information on the fly and everyone playing your game will get updated the next time the user starts the application.
  • To ensure security, during normal execution the new configuration is locally saved in the applications's private folder. Also, configurations are cyphered and its contents are not exposed, even if your application runs on a rooted/jailbroken device.

About Configuration Set and Versioning

Import Existing App's Configs

Setup App to use Remote Config

To enable the cloud service in your applications is as easy as calling a single sdkbox::init() function and pass following parameters from the Configuration Set

sdkbox::init( <application_token>, <application_secret> <store_name> <debug_environment>);

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