Gameroom Plugin


Facebook Gameroom is an entertainment platform based on Windows(only), including thousands of games downloading, players community, games publishing and other more services.

Gameroom SDK is officially offered by Facebook in a bid to make developers releasing their games to Gameroom convenient. But Now the SDK is in Beta.

As SDKBOX should offer more plugins to serve more users, our team will pack the Gameroom SDK as a SDKBOX Plugin, uniforming its APIs and optimizing it on Cocos2d-X and other engines.

Integration Guides

For games using Cocos2d-x 3.x

For games using Cocos Creator

Cocos Creator is not fully prepared for Gameroom Plugin. But the beta testing is going well, the support of this plugin will coming soon.

Sample Project

A demo project on github

Gameroom Plugin Design

A serial of plugins in SDKBOX have similar architecture:

First, Initialize SDKBOX and set callback listeners via SDKBOX Plugins APIs; Secondary, calling SDKBOX APIs to execute the original SDK function directly; And then the results and events of the execution will be handled by callback Listeners set in first step.

This illumination shows the process clearly(from http://docs.sdkbox.com/en/):

SDKBOX Plugin Seq Diagrams

The original SDKs usually create another thread to callback Listeners, in the light of that, SDKBOX don't need to care about how to implement callback APIs, just encapsulate the APIs and offer them to users. it is more different from Facebook Gameroom SDK.

According to Facebook Gameroom SDK docs, though it doesn't demonstrate directly, the SDK can't handle the result and events in an individual thread but in game loop.

For example, with Facebook Gameroom SDK, the implementation of IAP could be like this:

IAP Seq Diagrams

As SDKBOX can't make any impacts to Game Engines, ex., Cocos2d-X, in other words, any internal game loop can't be affected by SDKBOX plugins. it is a big headache in encapsulation of Gameroom SDK. SDKBOX Gameroom Plugin should create a new thread to handle Gameroom Messages(callbacks).

The SDKBOX Gameroom Plugin should work as below:

SDKBOX Gameroom Plugin Seq Diagrams

Finished Functions

Now, SDKBOX Gameroom Plugin has these functions:

The functions in italic have some problem(Facebook Gameroom SDK is still in Beta version), which needs help from Facebook.